John Nelson

"I produce paintings which I hope encapsulate my natural joie de vivre and love of colour.

Always suspicious of the archetypical, I work directly onto the canvas – no preparatory drawing. As something emerges, I follow and shape intuitively. Ideas for my paintings are drawn from a variety of sources although I am particularly drawn to landscape motifs."

John Nelson, 1933-2013
Image representing John Nelson

John was born in Edinburgh, went to Edinburgh College of Art as a mature student on the strength of his portfolio, no qualifications. He won painting and drawing prizes, including an Andrew Grant Scholarship and a Post Graduate Travelling Scholarship. He taught in Edinburgh becoming an Art Lecturer at Stevenson College in the city. As an Edinburgh man he was very proud to have been invited to be a member of and then Chairman of Glasgow League of Artists.

He did not seek fame and fortune but loved it when his work was bought because it was really liked and appreciated. John could only be bothered with the genuine not the pompous.  God had given him talents which he must not waste, was what he believed. So John’s working style varied over the years as he explored and experimented, leading him to do series of paintings e.g. Underwater Corals.