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Print of Loch Moidart by John Nelson

Loch Moidart

Loch Moidart is a more remote sea loch with dramatic scenery which flows east into the Atlantic Ocean

Print of The Bay by John Nelson

The Bay

The Bay evokes feelings about all those beautiful rocky bays in Scotland

Print of Evening Tide by John Nelson

Evening Tide

Evening tide comes in and darkness falls over the harbour

Print of Clouds Over Harris by John Nelson

Clouds Over Harris

The rugged mountains on the south west of Harris are often shrouded in a magical mist.

Print of Arisaig Sunset by John Nelson

Arisaig Sunset

John loved the brilliant sunsets often seen on the west coast especially around Arisaig

Print of Harbour by John Nelson


John loved colour, loved sea, loved harbours and all the shapes therein

Print of Blue Boat by John Nelson

Blue Boat

Abstract with a blue sail and is that tide tables top right hand side?

Print of Noah's Place by John Nelson

Noah's Place

Where boats are built in various sizes, shapes and colours

Print of Regatta by John Nelson


Lots of colourful action in a Regatta