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Print of Icefield by John Nelson


John was influenced by the rugged beauty of the area around the Quirang on the island of Skye

Print of Border Valley Farm by John Nelson

Border Valley Farm

Living and working in the rolling landscape Scottish Borders led to this work

Print of The Farm by John Nelson

The Farm

John loved the countryside and was intrigued by the shapes found there

Print of The Fair by John Nelson

The Fair

The excitement of the colour and the noise as you approach the fair

Print of The Circus by John Nelson

The Circus

Travelling circuses are a past memory of colour, excitement and smell as you approach!

Print of Back Court Tenements by John Nelson

Back Court Tenements

John told many amusing tales from his childhood spent in an Edinburgh tenement

Print of Auld Reekie by John Nelson

Auld Reekie

Auld Reekie is the old nickname for Edinburgh because the smoke coming out of the chimneys from the old high tenements could be seen as you approached the city

Print of Pink Azalea by John Nelson

Pink Azalea

John loved the delicate shapes and colours of flowers especially azaleas

Print of Red Flowers by John Nelson

Red Flowers

John particularly loved poppy-like flowers. The original of this will never be sold!