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Print of Clouds Over Harris by John Nelson

Clouds Over Harris

The rugged mountains on the south west of Harris are often shrouded in a magical mist.

Print of Arisaig Sunset by John Nelson

Arisaig Sunset

John loved the brilliant sunsets often seen on the west coast especially around Arisaig

Print of Harbour by John Nelson


John loved colour, loved sea, loved harbours and all the shapes therein

Print of Blue Boat by John Nelson

Blue Boat

Abstract with a blue sail and is that tide tables top right hand side?

Print of Noah's Place by John Nelson

Noah's Place

Where boats are built in various sizes, shapes and colours

Print of Regatta by John Nelson


Lots of colourful action in a Regatta

Print of High & Dry by John Nelson

High & Dry

John has captured the strong emotion evoked by this stranded boat

Print of Tall Sails by John Nelson

Tall Sails

A suitable wind, tall sails can be used

Print of Black Boats I by John Nelson

Black Boats I

Memories of boats pulled up onto the shore. Are they still seaworthy?

Print of Black Boats II by John Nelson

Black Boats II

Fishing villages with small boats used for fishing but maybe only storage now?

Print of Sailing Off Elgol by John Nelson

Sailing Off Elgol

Memories of Elgol on the Isle of Skye

Print of Red Sail by John Nelson

Red Sail

One of many similar Mediterranean fishing villages

Print of Clouds Over The Eildons by John Nelson

Clouds Over The Eildons

The Eildon Hills near Melrose in the Scottish Borders can be seen for miles around

Print of Evening Eildon Hills by John Nelson

Evening Eildon Hills

The Eildon Hills in the Scottish Borders have three peaks and the site of a bronze age fort

Print of The Eildons by John Nelson

The Eildons

The Eildon Hills with their 3 peaks overlook Melrose in the Scottish Borders and well worth walking up or half way up!

Print of Tweed Dawn by John Nelson

Tweed Dawn

The River Tweed, a very good and popular salmon fishing river meanders in scenic beauty through the Scottish Borders.

Print of Moonlight, River Tweed by John Nelson

Moonlight, River Tweed

Magical moonlight on the River Tweed in the Scottish Borders

Print of Trimontium by John Nelson


Trimontium (place of the 3 mountains), majestic in the moonlight, is the Roman name for their major fort and surrounding settlements at Newstead near Melrose

Print of Harvest Fields, Fife by John Nelson

Harvest Fields, Fife

Lived 2 years in East Neuk of Fife. Loved the poppies bordering the fields of grain

Print of Cornfield, Pittenweem by John Nelson

Cornfield, Pittenweem

From the picturesque fishing village of Pittenweem you can step landward and enjoy the poppies round the cornfields

Print of Harvest Poppies by John Nelson

Harvest Poppies

At harvest time in the East Neuk of Fife the road verges are covered in lovely red poppies