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Print of Two Eggs Triangled by John Nelson

Two Eggs Triangled

John's imagination working overtime after watching snooker. Perhaps "Two Eggs Snookered" might be a more appropriate title?

Print of Le Chapeau by John Nelson

Le Chapeau

Intriguing abstract of lady with a hat. There is a lovely blend of suitable hues

Print of Summer Seas by John Nelson

Summer Seas

One of a series in this distinctive style painted in the early 1970's with appropriate subtle summer tones

Print of Room With A View by John Nelson

Room With A View

John's clever distinctive 1970's style. Was he thinking of the play?

Print of Perth Postcard by John Nelson

Perth Postcard

One of a group of paintings of Perth done in the 1970's. A clever composition

Print of St Johns Spire and Rooftops by John Nelson

St Johns Spire and Rooftops

John's 1970's style of St Johns Church and rooftops. He had been a slater in his youth but was also fascinated by the irregular angular shapes of neighbouring roofs

Print of St Leonards Spire, Perth by John Nelson

St Leonards Spire, Perth

A very distinctive spire in Perth, Scotland painted in the early 1970's

Print of Pullars Lum, Perth by John Nelson

Pullars Lum, Perth

Older people may remember this the chimney of a well known dry cleaners in Perth, Scotland

Print of Perth, By The River by John Nelson

Perth, By The River

Painted in the early 1970's but still looking like Perth today with the River Tay running through the city

Print of Egypt by John Nelson


John's 1970's style depicting Egypt with its pyramid and palm tree

Print of Amsterdam by John Nelson


John's 1970's abstract view of Amsterdam. He had many dutch friends in the Netherlands and often travelled there

Print of Sporting Success by John Nelson

Sporting Success

He had watched bikers racing but this was done in the 1970's before the UK's cycling successes of recent years

Print of Benjamin Britten by John Nelson

Benjamin Britten

John's 1970's style when he enjoyed listening to Britten's music